Landscaping 101: Garden Makeover on a Budget

Claire Harrington | October 25, 2018 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

Having a gorgeous backyard is everyone’s dream. However, hiring a landscape designer can be quite pricey. Good thing there are tutorials and Do It Yourself concepts you can find online to help you develop your yard. With the use of big planter boxes, self watering planter box, compost bins, and toolboxes, your yard can impress everyone that will visit your place.


self watering planter box


Below are ways on how you can transform your backyard from dull to fab!

Repurpose Old Items

You might discover some items that you no longer need in your yard. Instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose them into more useful items. You can inspect if these products are discovered in your yard so you can turn them into gems for your garden:

– Old tyres: You can use old tires as planters or as decors for your yard. Old tires can be repurposed as a garden fence, garden stools, swing, tree climber, hose caddy, sandbox and even a charming garden pond. You can also use tires to decorate your self watering planter box. In reality, there are many repurposing ideas you can utilize with tyres. All you require is a couple of coat of paint, your creativity and a little imagination to pull these off.

Damaged wheelbarrow: No need to throw away your broken wheelbarrow when you can turn them into planters. Or you can purchase a planter box and put them inside broken wheelbarrows for additional charm.

– Old ladder: Old ladders can become planters for your garden or shed. This is where you can also display your plants, herbs or tool boxes. No requirement to throw products that you no longer need as there may still be usages for them. Click here Plantercraft for more information.

– Tin cans: You can make lanterns out of tin cans. Just paint them in your desired colour. You can likewise drill holes on their sides for design functions and hang them using wires. You can use candles and hang them from tree branches or atop your patio railing.

– Old mirrors: Make your garden look larger with the assistance of old mirrors. Merely hang them from your garden walls and your outside space will have extra dimension and depth due to their reflection developed. You can also put them behind an Australian self watering planter box to add more appeal to your garden.

Stock Up on Useful Products

If you do not have an area for your plants and your garden is normally bare, you can stock up on compost bins, quality tool boxes and self watering planter box in Australia. These items ought to be your top concern when beautifying your garden. You can then collect garden supplies, seeds and cuttings to begin planting.

Find Reliable Providers

Whether you require compost bins, tool boxes or a self watering planter box for your garden, make certain to purchase them from reputable providers. Never compromise quality by getting substandard products for your garden. You can still discover cheap planter boxes from trusted suppliers. They typically offer discounts for bulk orders.

These are simply a few suggestions on how you can fix up your garden. No need to invest more when you can use items you already own. Broken things can still shine when they are repurposed. You can find many concepts that will make your garden stand apart without having to invest so much. You may visit if you want to find self watering planter box for your garden.

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