Condor MK-LK Series Trucks: Best Light Duty Trucks for Australian Roads

Claire Harrington | October 25, 2018 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

Transportation is a big business and to carry out the transfer of goods effectively one needs reliable and durable vehicles. This is simply because the goods are carried within the state as well as interstate. This means it requires a lot of travel and carrying loads subjects the vehicle to a great deal of wear and tear. Hence, it is advisable to invest in a truck that fulfills your requirements and yet is cost effective. To carry small loads, you require a light duty truck that can comfortably carry the load and give a longer lasting performance. Japanese technology has been successful in developing trucks in all sizes and range and UD Trucks are the most reliable and popular brand on Australian roads and other places.

UD Trucks manufacture Condor brand of trucks which are ideal for small loads and they are medium-duty range trucks. These are available in two ranges – MK range and PK range. The MK series has two options of horsepower and each model comes with many features that permit you to make the chassis according to your requirements.

Even though MK series is designed for city rides being a light duty truck, it can safely cover interstate journeys as well.  Its ergonomic cab design ensures a fatigue-free travel for the driver and it has many internal features that enhance the functionality. The features include an airbag fitted in driver’s steering wheel, comfortable air suspension driver’s seat and a dashboard with state-of-art multimedia unit that has GPS and Bluetooth installed.

The MK series trucks have a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 11,000 kg. The gross vehicle mass is the load capacity of the vehicle that it can carry along with its own weight and that of the driver.  It has a comparatively high torque engine that can comfortably pull the load without any problem. The truck is known for its dependability, sustained performance, and fuel efficiency. No wonder then that UD Trucks stand for “Ultimate Dependability” trucks. MK series trucks have manual as well as automatic transmission.

The light truck prices are reasonable and they give full value for money. A truck costing approximately $15,000 after 5 years yields almost $50,000 after depreciation.  There is always wear and tear of tires and other parts after a long run over a period. Thus, the value of the vehicle always decreases. However, since UD trucks are built for durability, the losses are minimal.

UD Trucks have appointed many dealers all over the country in Australia, as well as across the globe. The demand for these trucks is high and these dealers are a good source to purchase commercial trucks. They have a wide range of models to choose from and can take care of after sales service too. With globalization and development, commerce has seen an upward trend in all the places. Export and import are high and local manufactured goods also see a good market within the state as well as interstate. This has prompted the growth of transporters and movers. Therefore, commercial truck sales have shot up considerably.

There are good features in the Condor MK –LK series trucks that make them a good buy in the medium-duty range light trucks. They come fitted with GH7 diesel engine that meets the Euro 5 emission norms and gives good fuel economy. The engine is high in power and torque and gives very tough and reliable performance. The MK 11- 250 and 280 models have 6 speed manual transmissions and the MK11 250 model comes with an option of 5 speed Automatic transmission. UD Trucks is the sole Japanese manufacturing company that offers the option of two types of suspensions like steel-leaf or the airbag rear suspension. UD trucks have ABS or Anti-lock Braking System, which enables the driver to get a proper hold of the vehicle under emergency braking conditions and thus avert any mishaps.

UD light duty trucks are the best transport vehicle on road at present.

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